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Power of Attorney to be Used Abroad

Power of attorney is a legal document that allows a person to act on the behalf of the actual person in particular circumstances for a specific time period which is mentioned in the terms and conditions of the Power of attorney. The person who is given the authority to enact on behalf of the other […]

notary services

The Role of Notary Services

Notary A notary is an individual possessing the authority of performing definite legal formalities to certify the deeds, contracts, educational certificates and other legal documents for other prerogatives. An individual working as the notary has the ability to oversee & take pledges & affirmations and also has the authority of terminating all of these if […]

medallion signature guarantees

A Quick Guide to Medallion Signature Guarantees and its Different Levels

The Medallion Signature Guarantees are very much similar to the Notary Stamp which refers to an approval by the transfer agents and signature guarantors that the endorsing individual is the right person to transfer and endorse the relative financial securities to some other parties. The relative procedure of medallion signature guarantee is being excessively practised […]

getting married abroad

What Documents Do You Need For An Overseas Marriage?

Getting married abroad is a lovely idea, and it can be truly romantic to be married on a white sandy beach with the waves lapping behind you, for example. But there are a number of important documents that you will need to provide if you want things to go as smoothly as possible. Here is […]

Apostille Legislation

Apostille Legislation: How to Legalize or Apostille a Document?

The term “Apostille Legislation” refers to the process of verifying authentication of a signature or seal on a document being recognised by an international enterprise. The Apostille legislation determines whether a document is viable to be recognised within foreign countries or not. Hence, the Apostille legislation refers to the legalisation of a document in terms […]

apostille uk

Apostille UK

An Apostille UK service will be needed in an extensive range of situations – for example, you may have just graduated from University, and now you’re looking to take your degree abroad and find work. You might think it’s that simple – but it isn’t. You’ll need an Apostille UK service before your qualifications will […]

Getting Documents Apostilled

Getting Documents Apostilled

Getting Documents Apostilled If you are looking into getting documents apostilled we can assist. We offer two levels of service, a fast track service which is done on the same day provided are the documents you need to be legalised are with us before 9.30am otherwise our standard service which although we quote 7-10 days […]

Getting transcripts Apostille

Getting Transcripts Apostille

What is an apostille transcript? You may not realise that your high school transcripts may need to be apostilled, but there are times when this is very necessary. For example, if you want to continue your education, obtain a long term visa, or work in another country, your school, college, university, or trade school transcripts […]

Certificate of No Impediment

Certificate of No Impediment

Getting Married Abroad Getting married abroad is a popular idea with couples; the thought of getting away from it all and saying their vows in the sunshine, perhaps on a beach or in a beautiful European location (or maybe even further afield) certainly has its benefits and it’s easy to see what it appeals. However, […]

apostille documents

Apostille Documents

Apostille Legalisation In more and more situations, digital documents are taking the place of physical ones and in many cases this is what is expected. At the moment, this is not something that happens with the apostille. That certificate is still a physical document. But how long will this last? Will the apostille be a […]