Getting Documents Apostilled

Getting Documents Apostilled

Getting Documents Apostilled

If you are looking into getting documents apostilled we can assist. We offer two levels of service, a fast track service which is done on the same day provided are the documents you need to be legalised are with us before 9.30am otherwise our standard service which although we quote 7-10 days usually only takes 4-5 days. To begin getting your document apostilled visit our main website at Apostille and Legalisation Services.   

What is an Apostille on a document?

If you are looking to go through the legalization process of adding an apostille on a document you may wonder what exactly is an apostille. Simply, an apostille is a stamp applied to the document, the stamp is not the same as medallion signature guarantee stamp and cannot be applied by a Notary directly. That is not to suggest a notary cannot assist you with the process, to apply an apostille to a document this can only be done by the Foreign and Commonwealth office.

Do I need a notary to apostille a document?

If you need to apostille a document you do not necessarily need to have the document notarised, it depends on the document you are trying to legalise. Birth, death and marriage certificates or a grant of probate for example need not be notarised first. But things like Power of Attorney’s or translations of documents must be notarized before the apostille can be attached.  

Can a solicitor do an apostille?

As above, when asking the question can a notary apostille a document, the notary or solicitors themselves do not apply the Apostile. The actual apostille is applied by the Foreign and Commonwealth office. We can assist, we have put in place arrangements with Solicitors and a Notary to assist. If your document must be notarized we can arrange for you to visit a central London notary to notarize any document.

What is an apostille?

The Apostille actually stems from an agreement between countries that attended a Hague Conference. The member countries that attended worked together to agree a format of being able to accept legal documents between each country.  The intention was to simplify the process for those who needed documents to be used in a country other than the country of issue. If you intend to use your document in a country that was not part of the hague convention then you will need to go through the Embassy of that country to formerly recognise and legalise the document.  Having the apostille on a document simplifies this process and cuts out the need to deal with an Embassy directly.

How can I get a document legalised

To begin the process of legalising your document you may send the document to Apostille and Legalisation Services Ltd, Suite 3, 9-13 Bocking End, Braintree, Essex, CM7 9AE. You must enclose a payment of £85 (cheques can be made payable to ‘Apostille and Legalisation Services Ltd’). Please send your document by Special delivery and keep a record of your tracking reference. If you are unsure and would like us to check the requirements to legalise your document then please email us at