getting married abroad

What Documents Do You Need For An Overseas Marriage?

Getting married abroad is a lovely idea, and it can be truly romantic to be married on a white sandy beach with the waves lapping behind you, for example. But there are a number of important documents that you will need to provide if you want things to go as smoothly as possible. Here is the list so that you know exactly what you need to have with you in order to get married overseas. Remember, each of these documents will need to be apostilled.

Full UK Birth Certificate

In some areas of the UK, a short version of a birth certificate is given out when a birth is registered. This then needs to be ‘upgraded’ to the long version, but this is something that can easily be forgotten in everything else that happens after a birth, and as the years go on it becomes much less important.

However, the long version is what is most often needed when you aim to get married overseas. This acts as proof of your nationality and has a lot more information on it than the shorter version does.

Certificate of No Impediment

A certificate of no impediment will be issued by your local registry office. It shows that you are legally able to be married. This is not required if you are marrying in a commonwealth country, however.

Decree Absolute

If you have been married before then you will also need to show your decree absolute. This is evidence that you have been legally divorced.

Statutory Declaration

The statutory declaration is a legal statement that must be sworn in the presence of a UK solicitor or notary public. This shows that the people marrying are legally able to be married – they are of age and they are not already married.

UK Passport

Another proof of identity is a legalised copy of your passport. You will need a copy since your original passport cannot be apostilled.

More To Think About

Not every country will require each of these documents, and therefore it is important to check the regulations that you need to adhere to before you travel and have things arranged.

Once you are married, it is important to write a will to ensure that you family is looked after and your possessions go to the people you want them to. This is even more important if you have been married before. Speak to the experts at IWC to see what step to take next.