Apostille FAQ's

A. An apostille stamp or certificate is issued by the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) in the UK and is therefore used in member states of the Hague Convention 12 without the requirement of further legalisation.
A. If you have moved overseas or have in interest in an overseas country, and you were either UK resident or attended UK universities or colleges or have a UK business and for any other reason, the overseas authorities may not accept your documents unless they are apostilled.
A. If the country in which you require your documents is not signed-up to the Hague convention 12 (e.g. UAE, Qatar, etc), then you may need embassy legalisation/attestation on top of the apostille certificate. We can help with these for most of the embassies as we are based in Central London. We take your documents to the embassies in person.
A. Any UK source document issued by a UK government department or authority (e.g. birth certificates, marriage certificates, Degree/Diploma certificates, Employer’s reference, HMRC letters, Court documents, Companies documents, and many more). If your document is not listed on our order form, please check with us.
A. For UK Universities/Colleges certificates, you will first need a notary’s certification. Which means that you will authorise a notary to carry out verification of your certificate directly with the institution, upon which they will issue their certification to confirm the authenticity of the certificate/s. The next step is to apostille your certificate, and we can take care of all these on your behalf. All you have to do is sign an authority letter for the notary, a copy of your passport, and your original certificate.
A. Yes, there’s an additional charge payable to the courier. We will make sure your documents are handled with care and delivered securely.
A. From experience, we are more than likely to ask you for the original documents as some overseas authorities may not accept copies, or our solicitor or notary public will want to see the originals before they can certify a copy. There are times when we don’t require the originals sent to us, especially where we can source the documents ourselves e.g. from companies house.

A. Yes – there are additional fees payable for each of this service.
A. Due to recent increased requests of Greek nationals residing and working in the UK by the Greek authorities, the best solution is to request certificate of tax residency from UK tax authority (HMRC). You then send us this tax residence certificate for apostille certification/stamp.
A. You will send your documents to Apostille & Legalisation Services Ltd, Suite 3, 9-13 Bocking End, Braintree, CM7 9AE. You will be sent an order reference number on completion of the online application, therefore please quote this order reference number.
A. Yes, we will be delighted to meet you in person. You can visit our offices in Braintree area – 15 min from Stansted Airport, Monday to Friday, between 09.00 to 17.00. If you however would like the same day service, we advise that you visit us before 10.30.
A. We can guarantee the issue of apostille only on genuine UK documents that’s correctly presented. If we believe that your document is not in order, then we will guide you on what to do before you pay any fees. We are here to help with no obligation free advice.